Important Update for members [COVID 19]

You will have seen that the club has now taken the decision to halt all swimming activity, including training, effective from the end of Tuesday evening 17 March. This is in response to the updated recommendations from Swim England.

Our earlier decision was the correct one for the conditions prevailing at the time. This current decision is also correct, based on the changed circumstances.

Despite it being the right thing to do, it has not been an easy decision to make. We all know how important swimming is to all of us, whether we venture into the pool or not. Many of us have probably complained at some point about early starts for morning training, or yet another weekend blocked out on the calendar, but I don’t believe that any of us will welcome this latest development. Our swimmers are healthy, active and disciplined, because they have to be, and they will be affected by this temporary halt to their sport.

Aside from the actual training programme, we are very aware that there are a multitude of things that we now need to consider, and there will be some that we won’t have thought of yet.

Please allow us some time to work through the implications. We are all also having to deal with uncertainty in our home and working lives, and however much we might wish to, we will not be able to provide instant answers to all questions that might arise, at least not in the very short term. As a committee we will also have to find a way of working that doesn’t involve being huddled all together in a small leisure centre meeting room. However, there are some commitments that I and the committee, on behalf of the Club, will make to you all:

  1. We will stay in regular contact, through all of our normal communication channels. Please ensure that you check in regularly.
  2. We will find a way of providing swimmers, and indeed all members, with routines and recommendations that can be enjoyed at a safe distance – for example online exercise routines and other health hints and tips. We will aim to make it fun.
  3. We will address any questions or concerns that you might have, but sometimes it might take us a few days to respond.
  4. We will always recognise that some of our members might experience various difficulties and challenges through the next few weeks, and will do what we can to help and support.
  5. Even though we are not certain when Club swimming activities will resume, when they do it’ll be like we have never been away!

I might regret saying this(!), but if anyone has any suggestions for how we maintain our contacts and Club community during what will undoubtedly be a difficult period, then please let me or any committee member know.

Thank you to all for your continuing support, and as always we are very grateful to our wonderful coaches and their commitment to the Club.

Stay safe, and stay in touch.

Kind regards, Jon Ward (Chair)

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