Executive Committee

The club is run on a day to day basis by a voluntary executive committee. The committee is elected each December at the club’s annual general meeting.

The Chief Coach, Gillian Rankin, is also a voting member of the Executive Committee and the Welfare Officer, Sue Tinkler, is able to attend any committee meeting but is not a voting member.

You can view the members and their roles here.

Club Constitutional Rules

The club has a constitution that is approved by the ASA and describes the legal standing of the club and how it should operate. The constitution is updated every four years and has to be approved by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. The current constitution was last revised in 2019.

Chief Coach

The Chief Coach is responsible for developing and running the training programme. The Chief Coach is appointed by the Executive Committee on a twelve month contract. Our current Chief Coach, Gill Rankin, is a Level 3 qualified coach and has been part of Leyland Barracudas for many years


The club is almost entirely run by volunteers – approximately 40 at any one time. The only paid role is that of the Chief Coach. Volunteers act in the following roles:

•  Members of the Executive Committee

•  Welfare Officer

•  Coach

•  Poolside Helper

•  Competition Official

•  Competition Helper

Without sufficient volunteers in these roles we don’t have a club and we constantly need new volunteers, particularly from the families of swimmers just starting their swimming careers.

Job descriptions for these roles will be added in the near future. If you are interested in volunteering then please speak to any committee member or contact the Club Chairman via the link below.

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