Swim England Performance Awards

As part of your child’s swimming journey Leyland Barracudas offer swimmers the chance to gain swimming awards (badges) which are available regardless of age. These badges provide a great incentive to swimmers to personally challenge themselves to improve their times and offer rewards for doing so.

The Awards

Competitive Swimming Performance Awards can be secured in Breaststroke, Butterfly, Front Crawl, Backstroke, and Individual Medley for Sprint, Middle Distance, or Distance.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards are available for each depending on times taken to complete the relevant distances and the times required for these awards are detailed here.

How does your swimmer get the times?

Qualifying times can be swum at any of the Leyland Barracuda organised swimming galas with the exception of the annual House Gala. Official times from team events (Micro matches, Senior or Arena matches) also count but relay times do not count unless they are highlighted yellow on the relevant results sheet. Times achieved at licensed swim meets (for example North Lancs, Leeds, County Championships and Regionals etc) also count. 

Times given to swimmers on poolside or at club time trials are not official and cannot be used.

When my swimmer has done a time how do I get the badge and certificate?

You can check your swimmer’s up-to-date times via Swim Manager. If they have achieved a qualifying time at any of the organised events you can request the appropriate badge/certificate from Jayne Elliott. You will need to provide Jayne with the following:

  • details of the badge(s) required,
  • the relevant qualifying time(s)
  • where and when the time was swum
  • full payment

So how does it work and how much do they cost?

The idea is to get the ‘circular’ badges for Sprint, Middle Distance and Distance then work towards getting the individual ‘flash’ badges to go under the ‘circular’ badge. These are available in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum for each of the four strokes and are earned according to the times swum. Round badges currently cost £2.50 each and flash badges (detailing the appropriate stroke) cost £1 each.

Here’s an example of what they look like on your swim top

You can keep track of your swimmer’s progress with your personal badge tracker which you can download here.

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