Life Members & Vice-Presidents

The Executive of the club can nominate individuals for either of these positions in recognition of their outstanding voluntary services to the club. Over the years there have been quite a number, some of whom continue to contribute to the club in a variety of ways today – even though they no longer hold office. We are grateful for the valuable contributions that they have made or continue to make.

Chris Hey
Former Snr Coach & Official [VP]
Bryan Hunter
Founder member, former Coach, Chair & Executive member [VP]
Andy Gaskell
Former Chair, Executive Officer, Coach & Official [VP]
Mark Wood
Former Vice-Chair and Club Captain [VP]
Elaine Fitchie
Founder member, former Chief Coach, current President [VP]
Brian Carlisle
Former Executive Officer & coach [VP]
Jean Brennand
Founder member and former Executive Officer [VP]
Andy Unsworth
Former Coach & Executive Officer [VP]
Janet Smith
Former Executive officer [VP]
Derek Smith
Former Coach [VP]
Sharon Thorpe
Former Executive Officer [LM]
Wendy Ratchford
Former Executive officer [VP]
Caroline Plummer
Former Executive Officer [LM]
Hilary Sangster
Former Snr Instructor - Small Pool [LM]
Verity Sutton
Former Snr Instructor - Small Pool [LM]
Sue Wood
Former Coach [LM]
Gillian Rankin
Former Officer of the Club, current Chief Coach
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