Be part of Club Championship history

The Annual Club Championships is the main event of the year for many of our swimmers and their families and takes place over a full week-end in November.

With 62 titles up for grabs we like to provide as many opportunities as possible for our members to take part in the event so we choose to run ‘A’ and ‘B’ finals for all events on the programme.   This gives twice as many swimmers a chance to succeed, but it does come at a cost.  It takes us twice as long to run the event – so a big commitment from our volunteer event team and officials – but it also requires twice the number of trophies. 

If you, or your business, would like to help us to continue to provide these opportunities for our young swimmers and help to make this event special for them and their families, you can do so in the following ways: 

Sponsor a race(s)
With 124 events on the programme you can help us to keep the standard of awards at a good level so that each swimmer can be proud of their success.

Option 1 – Sponsor a Race


£25 per race to help fund trophies/medals for the event(s).

What you get

Your name listed on the programme as sponsor against your chosen race(s)

Your name listed on the event results as sponsor against your chosen race(s)

Sponsor a Championship Trophy

Option 2 – Sponsor a Championship Trophy


from £100 – largely dependent upon your choice of trophy

What you get

Your choice of championship trophy and engraving

Your choice of the event you wish it to be awarded for [subject to availability]

Annual guest invitation to the championships to present your trophy to the successful athlete

Your trophy listed on the club’s website Wall of Champions alongside a record of all the winners of your award

Your trophy listed in the event programme and results

If you want to make a difference in this way please contact our Fundraising Officer on 07981 472499.

ADDED BONUS:  For this year only as part of the RockFM Cash4Kids Challenge. If you want to sponsor a race or trophy we can use any monies raised in this way as part of our fundraising target which RockFM will match fund.  So if you have been thinking about doing this, now is the time!  But you need to act quick if you want your donation to count in this way – all donations need to be received by 11th October to ensure we meet the donation deadline. To make a donation please contact our Fundraising Officer on 07981 472499.

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