Swim Registration

This is for your information only – there is nothing for you to do as we do it for you, but we thought it might help to explain.

It is a requirement of Swim England that every member of the club, whether Full, Associate or Student also be a registered member of SwimEngland. There are three different SwimEngland categories

  • CAT 1 is for those learning to swim or swimming internal galas
  • CAT 2 is for swimmers who want to compete in external events
  • CAT 3 is for anyone involved as a volunteer, coach or teacher.

There is a cost associated with this registration but to make it easier for you this is covered by your annual Club membership fee. One of our Executive Committee members takes care of submitting and maintaining all the relevant information required by SwimEngland so that your swimmer is registered at the appropriate level.

So there is nothing for you to worry about we take care of it for you.

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