We are proud to be able to offer club swimming which starts in the small pool with our young beginners, through to our age group swimmers and onto masters’ swimming. For those of you new to the concept this is for swimmers over the age of 21.

Our masters’ section has grown over recent years and broadly consists of two main groups – those who have been competitive age group swimmers in their youth; and those who have come into the sport later in life either as a way of keeping fit or through the participation of their child/ren.

The group have three sessions available to them each week where they are integrated into the competitive training groups. Some members of the group also compete at open masters’ events across the region. We also have members who compete at regional and national level, with a couple of members also representing their country at world level in the Transplant Games. We even have one or two brave souls who take part in open water swimming!

For the last couple of years members of the group have also travelled to Germany to take part in the Forde International Masters’ event in Flensburg.

If you are interested in joining this group you should contact our Membership Secretary via the ‘Join us’ link above – places are limited.

For more information about Masters’ swimming nationally follow this link to the Swim England hub

A successful trip to Flensburg 2019
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