External Competitions

Leyland Barracudas support various external competitions. Some of these are individual competitions such as North Lancs and Lancashire County Championships and others are team-based within that league.


North West Arena Swimming League

Leyland Barracudas compete in the North West Region of the National Arena Swimming. The region is split into four divisions: Premier, One, Two and Minor. The A-team is currently in Divison One and B-team is in Division Two.

The regional level of the competition takes place on the second Saturday in each of October, November and December with the third round acting as a final to determine who represents the region in the National finals.  The finals also determine promotion and relegation within the region.

More details can be found at: National Arena League Website

You may also hear of this referred to as Speedo since they were the previous sponsors.

North Lancashire Swimming League

This is for clubs affiliated to the North Lancashire Swimming & Water Polo Association. Our Senior A Team is in Division 1 and Senior B Team is in Division 2.  The League runs from January to July with three galas for each team.  Age groups are 12 and under, 13/14 yrs and Open Ladies/Gents.  Age is as at 30 June of the given year.  All events are 50m including the relays.  There are two cannon relays 4 x 50m mixed medley and a mixed 6 x 50m FS relay.

North West Micro League
What is Micro League?

The swimming Micro League of the North West is one of eleven leagues that are affiliated to the national Junior Inter-League Swimming Competition.  The aims of the league are to promote inter-club competitions for junior swimmers (9 – 12yrs), to encourage their progression in swimming and participation in sport.

Our North West League is split into three divisions (A, B, & C) and swimmers compete in events for their age group and gender. Teams in each league compete in FOUR matches against other teams in the same division. Points are awarded based on the position within each event (four points for first place down to one point for fourth place). The total points in all events, in all four meets contribute to the final position of a club within their division.

The competition is for swimmers aged 9 to 12 years. The recent 31st December ruling adopted by British Swimming has now been applied to the Micro-League Northwest.  As a result, the age groups will be organised as follows:

Who competes?

• 9 years shall be the age of the swimmer as at midnight on the last Sunday in November in the year of the competition.

• 10 years, 11 years and 12 years, shall be the age of the swimmer at midnight on 31st December in the year of competition.

How is the competition organised?

To decide the overall annual winner of the North West Micro League, the top four teams from the North West’s Division A teams will compete in a final match during September.  The winning team from this final is then entered into the Northern Finals.  If they are successful and win the Northern Final this club will be entered for the National Final where they will swim against the finalists from all the other regions top Micro-League swimming clubs.

For Division B & C the competition is not quite over yet!  The top two teams from Division B and the bottom two teams from Division A compete in a swim-off on the same day as the final.  This match will determine either the promotion or the relegation of those teams.  The top two teams from these swim-offs will then compete the following year in Division A, with the bottom two teams competing in Division B.  There are similar swim-offs between the bottom two teams from Division B and the top two from Division C. Again these matches will determine the relegation or promotion of these teams for the following year.

Events at each gala

These galas are a combination of individual and relay races.  Here is the programme of events

How are the teams selected?

Leyland Barracudas currently enter two teams into the North West Micro League:

• A Team (Green Hats) – who currently swim in the A division

• B Team (White Hats) – who currently swim in the C division

The Team Managers make the selections for the Micro League teams by analysing the competition data for each age and gender group to decide which swimmers have the fastest times.  Usually the fastest swimmers from each age and gender category will be selected for either the White or Green teams.  Swimmers can be selected for any team, at any part of the season – but please note that whilst a swimmer can move from ‘B’ team to ‘A’ team during a season, they cannot move in the other direction once they have been registered for the ‘A’ team.  Although in subsequent years they may be selected for another team based on that season’s swim.

Supporting your swimmer

This maybe be your swimmer’s first experience of team selection, so it is very important that you support your swimmer irrespective of their success or disappointment. Team selection is not an indication of whether the coaches feel a swimmer is ‘the best’ or not. It is important your swimmer is aware of this and you remind them that there are lots of opportunities in the coming year to compete as an individual and for the club. Many swimmers who are not selected will still be eligible to progress their swimming times through the many internal and external competitions that arise during the season. The most important thing to remember is their journey as a swimmer is not about the team selection process for the Micro League.

If your swimmer is selected

Once swimmers have been selected for each team the Team Managers will organise which races each swimmer will compete in. As a parent of a swimmer you will only know this information at the event. Therefore it is essential you do not confuse your swimmer by making suggestions about the races you think they will be competing in. Sometimes a swimmer may only compete in one race. It is essential you reinforce to your swimmer that this one race is as important as any other race in that competition and they should not be disappointed. Likewise as a parent you must not assume because your swimmer is only competing in one race your swimmer’s contribution is not valued – it is. The Team Managers make choices that are the best decisions for their teams as a whole. Their priority is making sure all of their swimmers enjoy the experience of competing for their club team. Therefore, it is important that you respect the difficult choices a Team Manager makes in preparation for each match. If you still have any immediate concerns your first point of contact should be your Parent Liaison Officer.  Please also note your Team Managers will be very busy on the day of a swimming match and they may be unable to discuss anything with you unless it is an emergency e.g. regarding the immediate health of your swimmer or if your swimmer cannot race that day.

Team Bus

It is important that your swimmer has £4 ready when getting on the coach. If there are any spaces remaining on the coach after the swimmers and team managers/helpers have got on the coach, then priority will be given to 9 year old parents/guardians, followed by 10 year olds and so on. Parents/guardians will need to pay £2 when getting on the coach.


On the day, your swimmer will need to have a small waterproof sports bag (that they can carry) to take with them onto the poolside.  [Note: The swimmer’s main bag should be left with parents and not taken on poolside.] It is important that they have all their equipment to hand as the poolside helpers and coaches will not be able to individually find parents to collect spare equipment.

Inside their bag, the swimmers should have the following equipment:

Goggles plus a spare (goggles break all the time!)

Club swimming hat ( Green for A Team and White for B Team) plus a spare.

Towels x 2 – one for sitting on and one for drying themselves with later.

Team kit jammers/costume plus a spare set – just in case!

A T-shirt to wear in-between races – swimmers will get very cold waiting around for their races, this equipment is essential for keeping them dry and warm poolside. The club shop sells club T-shirts specifically for this purpose, but any shirt made of material for sports/football shirts work the best as this material moves moisture away from the body.

Drink –water or very diluted cordial in a large drinks bottle (no fizzy pop or energy drinks please).

Snacks – no sweets or chocolate bars are allowed poolside. Swimmers need healthy snacks to maintain their energy. Chopped or dried fruit, cereal/muesli bars, crisp breads, rice cakes with banana and honey, yoghurt pouches, mini pancakes and flapjacks are all great snacks that work well poolside.

When are the matches?

Swimming meets take place between February and July each year. Swimming for either team is a large commitment that your swimmer and you make. If selected, it is expected that you will compete on the day; therefore you must ensure that you are available for each match. Please see the Calendar for dates of this season’s matches.

Current Teams

• Green Hats: A Team – Head Coach, Gill Rankin

• White Hats: B Team – Head Coach, Simon Welsby


Past and Present – Our Micro League performance archive
Duel in the Pool

This a two club competition between Leyland Barracudas and Chorley Marlins.

The competition was started in 2012 and is intended to be a friendly competition between senior swimmers from both clubs and is open to all swimmers from the two clubs who are 13 or over on 31st December on the year of the final round.

The event consist of up to three rounds of 8 events, plus a final. Calendar availability sometimes means there is only one round.

  • 25m Butterfly
  • 25m Backstroke
  • 25m Breaststroke
  • 25m Freestyle
  • 50m Butterfly
  • 50m Backstroke
  • 50m Breaststroke
  • 50m Freestyle

All swimmers swim in all the events. For each event the swimmer is ranked, based on the time achieved, from fastest to slowest. Points are awarded to each team based on the rankings within each event.

To be eligible to swim in the final each swimmer must have competed in two of the three preliminary rounds. For Round 1, swimmers are seeded within each event based on entry times supplied by each club. Where swimmers have no entry times are seeded randomly at the bottom of the draw. For any future rounds the swimmers are seeded based on the times achieved in the previous round. For the final they will be seeded based on their best times from all the preliminary rounds.

There are age group medals awarded at the final along with trophies for performances in the preliminary rounds.

Parent Liaison Officers
Wendy Buchanan
Parent Liaison Officer

Mobile: 07734 064095


Simon Welsby
Parent Liaison Officer

Email contact only please - Simonwelsby@hotmail.com

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INDIVIDUAL EVENTS – Age Group Swimmers

Lancashire County Championships

The Lancashire County Championships are run each year over two or three weekends in January/February. They are organised by the Lancashire Swimming and Water Polo Association(LSWPA) and are open to all members of clubs that are affiliated to LSWPA. Leyland Barracudas are an LSWPA affiliated club.

It is a long course (50m pool), level 1 event and, as such, qualifying times must be achieved at licensed meets that are level 4 or above.

North Lancs Level 2

The North Lancashire Level 2 Championships & Age Group Meet is a licensed level 2 meet and is normally held over two weekends in September and October.

Age of swimmers

Swimmers who are aged 9/over can compete, age will be as of midnight 21st October. As the meet is split over different weekends, the swimmer must be 9 years old when competing.

Consideration Times & Medals

Qualifying times are required for all events. This meet differs to North Lancs Level 3 as there is no upper time limit for events. This means there are no speeding tickets issued.

Medals are awarded to the first three swimmers in each age group for each event. Medals will be awarded to first three in the Junior (15/Under) and Senior (16/Over) Championship finals and the fastest three in the Junior & Senior 200 Freestyle and 400m Individual Medley.


The events are 50m, 100m, 200m all strokes, all ages, 100m Ind. Medley, 200m Ind. Medley  and 400m Freestyle all ages. 400m Ind. Medley, 800m Freestyle & 1500m Freestyle 11 /over.

Swimmers may enter the reverse 800m and 1500m Time Trial Freestyle events providing they have achieved an appropriate qualifying time as follows:

  • Boys 1500m Freestyle
  • Girls 800m Freestyle
Championships Event

Championship events are 50m Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Freestyle, 100m Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Freestyle. 200m Freestyle, 100m Individual Medley  and 400m Ind. Medley.

North Lancs Level 3

The North Lancashire Association consists of 20 clubs from around what was broadly the old Palatine of Lancashire. The competition is open to swimmers who are registered to an affiliate club. Leyland Barracudas is an affiliated club.

Swimmers who are aged 9/over, age on date, can compete. Qualifying times are required for all events, with an upper time limit applying.

Heats are swum as all ages seeded together with medals being presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed swimmers for each age group. Speeding tickets are awarded to swimmers who swum a faster time than the upper time limit for that event.

North Lancs Level 3 is an opportunity for swimmers to gain further qualifying times for the North Lancs Level 2 meet.

North West Regionals

The Swim England hold their North West Regional age group championships annual across three week-ends in April/May each year.   See competition entry details here

INDIVIDUAL EVENTS – Masters’ Swimming

These are the main events that the team participate in but there is also a link below to the national calendar of events for those who wish to enter other events.

North West Regional Masters

The North West Regional Masters event is swum annually – usually in February – and provides our masters’ swimmers with the opportunity to compete at a regional registered meet.   Members of the masters team also compete in various other open masters events throughout the year.  

Lancashire County Masters

This event is swum annually – usually in September – and provides our masters’ swimmers with the opportunity to compete at a county level registered meet.

Forde Masters, Flensburg

This is an international event organised by Flensburger Schwimmklub in Germany and has become a regular part of our Masters event programme.  It takes place in February each year.

More events are also available via this link 

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