Training at Barracudas

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We take swimmers from the age of 5. Swimmers are usually asked to attend for a trial and will usually need to demonstrate a good level of ability in 2 strokes and a reasonable level in the other two for their age. We don't take non-swimmers but have links with South Ribble swimming lessons and private swim schools in the area.

Membership enquiries should be addressed to our membership secretary

Training Locations

Leyland Leisure Centre

Lancaster Gate, Leyland, PR25 2EX.

This is our main training pool where we have some training every day except Friday.

We have a 5 lane 25m pool and a 10m learner pool

Tarleton Academy

91-100 Hesketh Lane Tarleton, Preston, PR4 6AQ

This is our secondary pool where we have sessions on Monday to Thursday evenings ina 4 lane 20m pool.

Penwortham and Bamber Bridge Leisure Centres

We have one session a week at each of these pools using 2 25m lanes.

Penwortham Leisure Centre, Crow Hills Road, Preston, PR1 0JE.

Bamber Brisdge Leisure Centre, Brindle Road, Preston PR5 6YJ.


Pre-competition training covers swimmers aged between 5 and 8. Most of the training for these swimmers takes place in the small pool at Leyland Leisure Centre but the older swimmers may also train at Tarleton Academy. During this phase of training the emphasis is very much on teaching and improving the technical ability of the young swimmers across all four strokes (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) as well as starts and turns.

Swimmers in the pre-competition phase are assessed against the ASA criteria and are able to achieve their level badges.

Age Group

Age Group competitive swimming covers swimmers from the age of 9 to approximately 18. By this stage the swimmers are technically competent and the emphasis switches from learning the strokes to learning how to compete as well as building the fitness required for competitive swimming. The swimmer's technique will still be worked on and corrected but the number of meters swum during training will be increasing as will the pace.

The Age Group section of the club is split into 3 pathways Blue, White and Green. The pathways provide swimmers with the opportunity to train at a level which suits their ability, their performance, their ambition and their commitment. Swimmers are able to move vertically up the pathways as well as horizontally across them.

Blue Pathway

This is our lower intensity pathway and requires a commitment to a smaller number of hours training per week - usually training up to three times per week. At the younger end it will be for swimmers who need more time to improve technique rather than fitness. At the older end it will more for those who enjoy swimming but are not necessarily competing at County level and above. The blue pathway currently has 4 levels.

White Pathway

This is the middle level pathway and swimmers will usually train 4 or 5 times per week. It is aimed at swimmers who are achieving at or aspiring to County level. They are expected to enter Level 2 and Level 3 open meets as well as internal club competitions. The white pathway currently has 5 levels.

Green Pathway

This is the most intense pathway with swimmers training 6 times or more a week including mornings for the higher groups. Swimmers on this pathway will be aiming at or achieving Regional level and many will be aiming at National level. Swimmers on this pathway are expected to enter the full complement of open competitions supported by the club. The green pathway currently has 7 levels.

Whichever pathway a swimmer is on they are eligible to be selected for club teams. They are also eligible to enter internal club competitions and any open competitions for which they meet the qualifying criteria.


Masters swimmers can be any swimmer over the age of 18 and are usually swimmers who have been with the club for many years. However, we do consider masters swimmers who have never been Barracudas. Our masters programme has undergone significant development over the last 3 years and is a thriving part of the club.

Training Equipment

All the equipment that swimmers need can be purchased from our club shop. The equipment required varies depending on what group a swimmer trains in. Sara, who runs the club shop can advise on what is needed.