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Published: Friday, November 3, 2017

Swim England Competitive Performance Awards

Swim England (formerly the ASA) has a set of competitive award standards and badges for swimmers to work towards regardless of age. The required times for these awards are in the table included with this information pack.

The awards are split into;

  • Sprint (which covers times achieved for 25m,50m and 100m swims in all 4 strokes and the 100m IM);
  • Middle Distance (200m swims in all 4 strokes, 200m IM & 400m freestyle)
  • Distance (400m IM, 800m and 1500m Freestyle).

The idea is to get the circular round badges for Sprint, Middle Distance and Distance in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and have each of the strokes under the badge. The round badges are for display purposes and the flash badges are earned according to the times swum.

To achieve a flash badge for the Sprint in any of the strokes you only need to get one of the times.  E.g. If you get the time in 25m Free, then you get the badge and once you get it in 50m or 100 free you don’t get any further badges for the Sprint.

Qualifying times can be swum at any of the Leyland Barracuda organised swim galas with the exception of the House Gala. Times from team events (Micro matches or Senior matches) but relay times do not count unless they are highlighted in yellow on the relevant results sheet.

Times achieved at licensed swim meets (for example North Lancs, Leeds, County Championships, Regionals etc.) also count.

If you achieve a qualifying time at any of the organised events, you can make a claim for the appropriate badge.  You just need to check the results on the notice board and note down the event date, stroke, distance and of course the time achieved.  

Times given to swimmers on poolside are NOT official and should not be used for the purpose of purchasing awards. Time Trial times are not accepted.  

Keep track of your swimmers badge progress using our ASA Awards Record form, just tick them off as you get them and use it as a guide when sewing them onto a club T-Shirt or towel.


When & where do I get these badges & flashes


Complete the application form below providing the details requested on the form and give it to Jayne Elliott together with full payment. You can also contact Jayne using the badges email address.