Executive Committee

The 2018 Executive Committee is

Role   Contact (@lbasc.org.uk) 
 Chair  Andy Gaskell   chair
 Vice-Chair  Jon Ward  vicechair
 Honorary Secretary  Judith Dutton  secretary
 Honorary Treasurer  Andrea McKenna  treasurer
 Membership Secretary  Rachael Rankin  membership
 Competition Secretary *  Lisa Robinson  compsec
 Communications Officer  Paula Dandy   press
 Fundraising Officer  Gayle Adams  fundraising
 Committee Member (Shop)  Sara Porter  shop
 Committee Member (Open Comps)  Michael Arkwright  opencomp
 Committee Member (ASA Membership)  Anne Stewart  
 Committee Member (Club 21)  Sarah Handford  
 Committee Member  Liz Ascroft  
 Committee Member  Jane Elliott  badges

The Chief Coach, Gill Rankin, is also a voting member of the Executive Committee and the Welfare Officer, Sue Tinkler (welfare), is able to attend any committee meeting but is not a voting member. 

You can contact some of the committee members via email using the prefix shown above and appending @lbasc.org.uk - these addresses forward directly to the relevant person.

* Role will transition from Jon Ward during Q1/Q2 2018.